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Turn7 Portal Proposals

Written by Erick Olivares

At Turn7, we understand the trouble clients deal with when working with agencies and developers alike. The Turn7 Portal has release its first solution for the potential clients who need a thorough and easy to read proposal. Project goals and features, milestones, pricing, and legal contracts are beautifully presented on the new proposal.

Straightforward and Painless Proposals

Turn7 has created beautifully designed proposals– easy to digest contracts which are reviewed with Turn7 in person or over a screen share conference. We’ll walk you through the features and expectations which meet high industry standards. Our goal is to be clear and communicate expectations for the project.

Maintenance Plans

Turn7 doesn’t just build websites, we build scalable platforms to grow with your business. We offer monthly plans to manage your site on a regular basis and the proposal will allow you to sign-up on the spot!

Timeline and Costs

Turn7 does its best to keep a realistic timeline to meet client expectations. In the web design world, websites are always postponed. With Turn7 you can guarantee your website gets delivered on time with constant updates while keeping an eye on on the finish line.  Speed is king and at Turn7 the proposal outlines dates and expectations for deliveries.

At Turn7 we believe in transparency with our clients and therefore we do not have any hidden fees and breakdown the items in the scope of work.

View Access

Do you need your legal counsel to access the proposal? We allow for another member to get “view access” to our proposals so they can review the legal terms. You’ll still be the authorized person to sign-off on the project with the confidence to kick off the project.

Turn7’s Portal gives you, the client access to a straightforward website proposal. Clear expectations with pricing, timelines, and web features will allow you to finally sign a contract you feel comfortable signing. Reach out to Turn7 today!

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