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Tips to choose an Ad Network to monetize website ad space

Written by Erick Olivares

Ad Networks are used to monetize traffic from web sites. Publishers benefit from selling ad space by receiving payouts made to them based on impressions and clicks.

When applying to sell ad space on your website you must consider application, distribution, and payouts.


Some publishers only allow publishers to join the networks once they have been approved while others do not vet anyone. There are traffic and content requirements. For example, AdThrive only allows websites with at least 100K visitors per month.


Different Ad networks have different audience pools and usually support ad space for multiple devices like desktops and mobile screens.

With a larger pool of audiences, Google Adsense allows its algorithm to target those who are most interested in the ads related to your website user.


Some networks only allow you to cash out when you have reached $100. Make sure they support your method of transferring cash, whether that might be a direct deposit or Paypal.

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