Custom Wordpress CMS websites

Building websites with the user in mind.

We build scalable websites that prove the test of time. With a quick learning curve, clients are prepared to edit, add, and remove content on the fly.

This is Product Management, a leading industry podcast came to Turn7 to create a scalable website and create a platform that will expand, just as their audience exponentially multiplied.

Building Scalable Platforms

We built a back end CMS using Advanced Custom Fields, a plugin that allows us to make custom fields on WordPress. This pushes the power of WordPress to its limits allowing us to pull and push dynamics elements through programming and automating page layouts and site organization.


Before we build a website we talk about the drawbacks of the current website. You might be on Squarespace, Wix, or even another WordPress theme. It might be that you are spending too much time editing WordPress layouts or trying to match colors and textures.

We build the website around your preferences and branding. We’ll give you control of the website based on the items you wish to be editable. Everything else is coded onto the site or automated.


For content that can be auto-generated, we program dynamic features into the website.

This can be organizing content under certain filters or sorting out content that needs to show alphabetically, based on a certain date or based on content.

Instead of installing Yoast SEO, we use the content entered on each episode to optimize SEO performance.

The same data is used for sharing metadata on social media platforms.

Websites using our WordPress CMS

We can build a Custom Management System for your site

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