Maria Shriver

Turn7 was able to grow The Sunday Paper subscriptions and make content much more accessible by analyzing weekly reports.

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Subscription Growth

Turn7 helped Maria nearly double her subscriptions by 50% within 6 months of launching her new website.

We did this by creating a faster website, optimized the user experience, and identify key metrics to optimize growth.

Make content accessible

Maria’s wealth of media coverage wasn’t accessible due to a struggling user interface and page bandwidth.

With a new design, we were able to introduce a “Netflix” style type of navigation where users can easily identify with and watch the media coverage.

Centralize Social Media

Social Media is really important for web visitors to connect with Maria.

We created a design that was able to display all her media channels: youtube, Instagram, twitter, and youtube. Making a centralized space on her website is essential for people to connect with her.

Analytical Reporting

With weekly data reports created by Turn7 breaks down the important information for Maria’s team. Today’s analytics is complex, but our reports answer simple questions:

Who is the main audience?

How long have users been on the site?

How are users getting on the website?