Wordpress Maintenance Plan

Turn7 will maintain your WordPress website by: backing up your website, keeping plugins up to date, and optimize your content using analytics for great conversion rates.

24 Hour Backups

Your site will be backed up every 24 hours. With our security plugin we will have copies of your files and database. Hourly uptime monitoring will allow us to get your site up ASAP.

Manage Wordpress Core Plugins

Every Wednesday we'll manually update your plugins and core updates, keeping your site up to date. During updates, we'll be able to make sure the plugins to do not break your website and if it does we will find a solution to get your site backup.

Content Optimization

Using analytics, we'll be able to determine which pages get more hits and determine which content elements need to be altered for greater conversion rates. In addition, we can monitor 404 pages and make sure pages that need to be redirected are fixed.

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