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Reasons to optimize websites for mobile users

Written by Erick Olivares

Having a mobile responsive website in 2020 is important. Here are a couple of reasons to have a proper mobile website experience.

Almost 60% of All Internet Access is Done Through the Phone

Google Search Ranking

Google will rank you lower, thus lowering you in Google page results. If you’re SEO and blog posts are on point, you might still rank lower because the content will not fit into a user’s mobile device screen. Use Google Search console to get alerts and have a web developer fix those issues as soon as possible.


Users will not be able to access your content, if user’s don’t have a good user experience navigating through mobile. Having proper functionality enables users to navigate menus or search and filter for content.

Optimized Experience

Usually a great mobile experience means the page loads quickly.  On many website images and ad widgets take a while to load. By properly compressing images and allowing content to load over a CDN will dramatically improve page load speed.

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