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Content Management Systems market share in 2019

Written by Erick Olivares

As of August 1st, 2019, WordPress is powering 34.3% of the worldwide web. Not only is WordPress the most dominant content management system, but it’s also the fastest-growing as it gained nearly three percent from a year ago.

WordPress contains over 50 thousand downloadable plugins and is an extendable platform which provides support for caching, contact forms, optimizing SEO, security, e-commerce, and so much more.

WordPress is powering 34.3% of the worldwide web

With an enthusiastic community, WordCamps and local meetups are strengthening the open-source platform. Today the online knowledgebase for WordPress is encouraging new developers to learn and code on WordPress.

WordPress open source competitor’s Drupal and Joomla are struggling to maintain market share.  Both platforms are in decline– Drupal is down .02% and Joomla lost .03% of its market share compared to August 1st, 2018.

The leading e-commerce platform, Shopify is gaining market share. The Canadian based company, Shopify has made it better than ever before to create a digital store with its all-inclusive services such as email marketing, integrated sales channels, and built-in paid advertising tools. Competitors such as Magento and Bigcommerce are being left in the dust.

Squarespace and Wix have also increased their market share making it easy for anyone to choose a template and aggregating content. Both platforms have limitations when advanced functionality is required, but they are great for startups or small businesses.


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