React / Go Land / MySQL

Mobo is built on modern Javascript library ReactJS. React is a platform which allows for highly customizable components. The technology will allow Mobo to scale as the web app depending on prioritized features.

React is a framework created by Facebook and utilized by major tech companies such as Instagram, Netflix, Uber, and The New York Times. The React library is expected to continue growing and more development teams will continue to inherit it.


The landing page, was built on a custom WordPress theme which is flexible and highly customizable for future marketing efforts. Moving forward the flexibility to reskin or rebrand would be relatively easy and inexpensive since the business logic is already built into the core of the theme.

Digital Ocean / AWS

Powered by Digital Ocean and AWS, Mobo has access to on-demand resources.

Mobo utilizes email and texting (SMS) via Amazon Web Services. AWS will allow the app scale on the fly while limiting the monetary investment into services.